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Tents and canopies are useful in many different ways. If you already have one you know how handy they are to have around. All those pieces can get lost, however. Tent Canopy is ready to help you keep your tent or canopy in working order with our line of tent accessories. Whether you have lost pieces or if you just need some additional support for your tent, we have it. The tent just doesn't do its job without all the necessary elements. We have tent stakes, tarps, bar braces, tie downs, and ball bungee tie downs to keep your tent in top shape.

Tent stakes are a necessary tent accessory. You simply cannot do without the proper amount of tent stakes. If you have been trying to rig up a replacement, you also know how insufficient that can be. We have basic ten inch tent stakes for general needs. We also have 15 or 30 inch augur anchors. Eye hook tent stakes come in 18 or 31 inch lengths. Having the right type and length of tent stake can mean the difference between a secure tent and one that you will worry about. Find the right kinds of stakes with us.

Tarps are a handy thing to have around. Our tent accessories department would not be complete without them. They can be quite cumbersome if they are not the correct measurements though. We have a huge selection of classic blue tarps in every size imaginable. Blue tarps are 6-mil polyethylene and have a 10 X 10 weave count. They are perfect for temporary coverage for things that need protection from the wind, rain, and other weather. Each tarp has a laminated surface that is waterproof, mildew proof, rot proof, and UV protected. Edges are rope reinforced. There are metal grommets every 36 inches for ease of securing.

Bar braces is another of the tent accessories that you may find necessary. They reinforce a tent or canopy frame. We manufacture them ourselves so you can be assured of their quality. We sell them in lengths of 20 inches, 40 inches, and 5 foot 4 inches. They are available in several diameters as well including , 1, 1 3/8, 1 5/8, and 1 7/8 inches. Adding bar braces to your tent or canopy provides further insurance that it will remain standing for a long amount of time and through rough weather.
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