Canopy Fittings

 Fitting Listed Size

 ID Of Connector  OD Of Pipe
 3/4" Connectors: For use with 3/4" EMT Conduit poles  1 inch  .922 inch
 1" Connectors: For use with 1" EMT Conduit poles  1 3/16 inch  1 1/8 inch
 1 3/8" Connectors: For use with chain link fence tubing  1 3/8 inch  1 15/16 inch
 1 5/8" Connectors: For use with chain link fence tubing  1 3/4 inch  1 11/16 inch
 1 7/8" Connectors: For use with chain link fence tubing  1 15/16 inch  1 7/8 inch
Canopy Fittings
Flat Roof Fittings 90Flat Roof Fittings 90
Low Peak Fittings 102Low Peak Fittings 102
High Peak Fittings 120High Peak Fittings 120
Slope Fittings 102Slope Fittings 102
Specialty Fittings 90 & 102Specialty Fittings 90 & 102
Foot PadsFoot Pads

Tents-canopy supplies a large selection of connector fittings for canopy tents and portable structures. Every fitting we manufacture is designed to accommodate standard EMT conduit and chain link fence post tubing. The fitting selection includes three different peak angles for different design shapes. The flat roof fitting features a 90 degree angle and works well with canopies and other design applications such as batting cages, portable dressing rooms and garden nursery or greenhouse kits.

The low peak canopy angel features a 102-degree shallow pitch and is most commonly used in areas where concealment is an advantage. The low peak angle has gained most of its popularity as being the most widely accepted angle by community associations. The shallow pitch of the low peak fitting provides shade and shelter while not bringing unnecessary attention to your surroundings. Each canopy fitting is made with galvanized steel and includes welded eyebolt nuts for a snug fit.

The high angle fitting is the most commercialized frame set up available today. The high peak fitting features a 120-degree angle and is the most common roof angle for canopy kits sold in retail chain stores. Due to the high angle, the 120-degree fitting does not include eyebolts for the smaller diameter frames. This is because the high pitch allows the force of gravity hold the frame together without the need for eyebolts. However, on larger canopy models, the high peak fitting is available with eyebolts. This is to ensure that the increased weight load is capable of keeping the pipes secured and locked into place.

In addition to our line of canopy tent fittings, we also supply specialty connectors. The specialty fittings work with existing frame structures and allow you to build upon them. The fittings are designed to accommodate custom designs such as side rails and extensions. The canopy footpad is part of the specialty fitting section and is sold as an accessory for the legs of a portable structure. The footpad fitting is designed with a 5-inch stem and a round base plate with three pre-drilled holes for permanent anchor bolting to the ground.

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