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Protecting ones valuable processions is important especially, in today’s economy. As we try to stretch every dollar to make ends meet, protecting our investments has never been as important as it is today. A portable garage canopy is the most cost effective solution to extra storage around the house and will not only protect valuables such as cars, boats and trucks but will also safely store extra lawn equipment and recreational supplies.

A portable garage canopy is an all-weather, all-season shelter that completely encloses using a top cover, sides and end panels. The portable garage covers can be purchased as a one piece fitted cover that acts as the top and sides or can be purchased with separate independent panels. There are several different design options including dome shaped, peaked roof and barn style. In addition, there are different varieties of thickness that can be used for the tarp covers. On the west coast in regions such as California, the thickness of the tarp cover is usually 6 ounces per square yard but in regions where heavy snowfall is frequent, a cover that is 10 ounces per square yard may be required.

The frame design of the portable garage can also vary based on location. Regions with more fair weather conditions can use rafter spacing between legs that is anywhere between 80” and 120”. However, for east coast conditions and areas of seasonal snowfall it is recommended that the rafter spacing is at a maximum of 48”. The tube diameter used on a portable garage carport is generally pre-determined by the size of the structure. Most portable garage canopies are sold as carport kits so the tubing diameter will be chosen by the manufacturer. A sturdy portable garage should have a tubing diameter of at least 1-3/8” and can be found as large as 2”.

The size and style of the portable garage is dependent on your specific location. The benefits of using a portable garage canopy are endless and the cost of owning one is priceless in comparison to the money that is saved on avoidable repairs and maintenance due to sun damage and other weather related incidents. Portable garage canopies are easily stored when not in used and easily maneuverable when fully constructed. The extra storage space and additional protection is ideal for those on a budget and that can’t afford the cost of an expensive shed or permanent garage.

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